You eat because food gives you energy to live. But you also eat because it makes you happy. When you reach for healthy and balanced meals, you know that you are providing your body with everything it needs. And at the same time you care for your well-being and protect yourself from disease. But how can you prepare tasty and nutritious meals for yourself every day, when there is not enough time for everything? There is a way to do it - a box diet.

Reason 1 - the boxed diet is tailored to your individual needs

When you decide on a box diet, you choose an eating plan tailored to your needs. Maybe you want to lose weight and are counting calories (choose a reduction diet), maybe you want to build muscle mass (bodybuilder diet), or maybe you need a healing diet (low GI diet). Depending on how you want to eat, the meals you order will provide you with the right amount of calories and nutrients necessary for your health.

Reason 2 - boxed diets are healthy and balanced meals

Preparing 4-5 nutritious meals every day can be taxing on you, especially if you work a full-time job. You spend most of the day away from home, so when do you find time to cook? Meals still need to be thought out, shopping planned, and then meals prepared. By choosing a boxed diet, instead of standing in the kitchen, you allocate time for your favorite activities.

Reason 3 - a boxed diet means no more grocery shopping

You don't like going shopping and wondering what you can eat the next day. With a box diet, you "give up" this unpleasant chore. No more shopping lists, choosing fresh fruit and vegetables, reading ingredients on the packaging. In the diet plan chosen by you, you will receive balanced meals prepared from ingredients originating from reliable suppliers. You can be sure that meals delivered to your home will always be fresh, without preservatives and unnecessary additives. So instead of running around the store looking for valuable semi-finished products, order a convenient diet catering service.  

Boxed Diet

Reason 4 - with boxed diets you will achieve your nutritional goals

When we write about nutritional goals, we mean for example building up muscle mass, maintaining a healthy body weight, or improving test results. When you prepare meals on your own, you don't always have the time or inclination to carefully weigh each ingredient, calculate calories and follow a balanced diet. Do you exercise a lot and work on increasing muscle? Rice and chicken will probably help you achieve your goal, but what about your mood? In a bodybuilder diet, you get tasty meals along with a post-workout meal that supplies your body with all the necessary nutrients. You provide yourself not only with protein and carbohydrates, but also healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. In the Low GI diet, the menu is based on products with a low glycemic index, to help you control conditions associated with too high levels of sugar in the blood (insulin resistance, type II diabetes).

Reason 5 - the boxed diet is tasty!

Healthy doesn't mean tasteless. And the boxed diet is a great example of that. You get varied and delicious tasting meals. You eat them with pleasure, knowing that you provide your body with everything it needs. You ensure your health and well-being without worrying about shopping and cooking. Isn't it convenient when you come home after a long day at work and just after a while you can have a tasty dinner? Without standing in the kitchen, making up meals and counting calories. The box diet gives you full control over your diet. That is why it is worth trying it, at least for a while.